Cloudly DevOps service will assist in environment automation as well as stack, application and database deployments. We will ensure consistency enforcement, look after configuration and change management. We will also set up Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines using appropriate tools. Everything automated is the new normal for cloud.


Cloudly team will manage your systems, databases and applications on cloud. AWS offers a vast range of tools for building scalable and reliable applications and services; but they need to be leveraged for maximum benefit and ROI of your cloud investment.


Cloudly DevOps team sets up tools and monitor health and performance metrics of your applications. We also setup alerts / pagerduty and take proactive actions based on notifications. When appropriate, we also take up log aggregation, fail over management and system recovery.


General Silver (15%) Gold (20%) Platinum (25%)
Best practice guidelines Our in-house DevOps specialists provide guidelines for the design and use of supported environments, e.g., Windows and Linux and on AWS.      
Knowledge base Get access to Cloudly DevOps knowledge base — a wealth of useful technical information tailored for cloud infrastructure and built over several years.      
General consultations We will attempt to answer any question that you may have about any of the application architectures or platforms that are supported on AWS.      
Architecture review Our team will review the systems architecture that supports your application environment. When necessary, additional engineers and DevOps managers may be engaged to facilitate the review process.    
Partner engagement If we can not do it, we can help you find a partner who may be able to assist from the relevant ecosystem, e.g., OpsWorks, Puppet Labs, Ansible or CloudBees.    
Vendor or Community escalation Where AWS owns the support contract, our team may escalate to certain suppliers or open source communities on your behalf to try to resolve issues outside of AWS’s control, such as bug fix requests from the stack vendor or community.  
Cloud Infrastructure Automation Silver (15%) Gold (20%) Platinum (25%)
Stack deployment
We assist with deployment of your application environment based on one or more of the following web / application framework stacks: Java, Node.js, PHP, Python and .Net.
Environment automation
We help automate your infrastructure using a generic tool, e.g., Chef, Salt or Windows PowerShell; or if you prefer, using a cloud-native automation tool, e.g., AWS CloudFormation or OpsWorks.
Application deployment
We help setup Chef or Windows DSC server along with Github, BitBucket, SVN or Stash repositories for deploying application in your application environment; or if you prefer, setup deployment pipeline using cloud-native tools, e.g., AWS CodeCommit, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy.
Database deployment
We help setup Chef or Windows DSC server along with Cloudly’s own or third-party tools for deploying database in your application environment; or if you prefer, setup cloud-native tools, e.g., AWS RDS, Aurora, RedShift or DynamoDB.
Consistency enforcement
Apply our best practices to streamline identical development, staging and testing environments based on a robust and highly automated production environments using advanced scripting and imaging techniques on AWS.
Configuration management
All application environments and relevant configurations are managed using the automation tool, e.g., Chef or AWS Config or Service Catalog and ensure that there will be complete resource inventory, configuration history and configuration change notifications.
Change management
We help you adhere to strict source and configuration control practices for your environment, so that any change can always be audited, tracked, and reversed as easily as possible.
Continuous integration and deployment
We consult and help setting Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) practices using Jenkins or Cloudbees or AWS CodePipeline so that complex development teams are not bottlenecked by internal and external dependencies. CI / CD can bring tremendous improvements in your development processes and practices.
Monitoring and Logging Silver Gold Platinum
Application health monitoring
We help setup monitoring of your application health using a stack-specific or cloud-native tool that help continuously monitor your application’s basic health and dramatically improve uptime. Additional charges may apply.
Alerts and Pagerduty
We help setup any alerts and alarms from your application monitors so that actions can be taken promptly and responsively. We can integrate into Pagerduty or any other operational tool you may have in place. Additional charges may apply.
Log aggregation
Using a generic log aggregation tool, e.g., Logstash, Loggly or Splunk or a cloud-native tool, e.g, AWS CloudWatch — we help aggregate logs from all your instances and present them to you through the relevant cloud frontend.
Application performance monitoring
We help setup an APM tool, e.g., New Relic or AppDynamics to monitor performance metrics and provide a Graphite dashboard of counters, times and other metrics. APM helps mapping business-critical metrics, such as, latencies and user waits into actionable insights.
Failover management and system recovery
Where high-availability and disaster response solutions are deployed, we help manage switchover during failure and test events using standard Load Balancing, Autoscaling and DR techniques.
Customized maintenance plans
We will develop individualized maintenance plans for one-time and/or complex maintenance events for your compute instances containing your application environments. These would mostly include stack, libraries, components, modules, etc. upgrades that would affect your application environments (not OS, hardware, VM, etc.).
Support and Troubleshooting Silver Gold Platinum
Availability issues in production
Our team is available 24x7x365 to help respond to downtime events and performance degradation.
Operational tools and processes
We work with our Operations team to help evaluate your operational tools, e.g., ticketing system, change tracking system, etc. as well as associated processes for best outcomes in your application environment as well as application.
In-depth incident retrospectives
Upon request, we will investigate application environment related incidents and provide guidance on how to mitigate or avoid such incidents in the future.
Performance tuning and diagnostics
We help you identify optimizations, upgrades, or changes that can help your application achieve better and more consistent performance (additional fees may apply for usage of any performance monitoring or optimization tools).

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