Seamless DMS Offerings

All core value propositions of DMS are offered: simple to use; zero downtime; supports most widely used databases; low cost; fast and easy to setup and reliable. When you come to Cloudly for your next database migration project to AWS, we will leverage DMS to the farthest extent possible gaining everything DMS and its evolution has to offer.

Automated Database Provisioning

Cloudly CDM automates your self-managed database systems on EC2 / EBS provisioning or Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provisioning on RDS / RedShift / DynamoDB incl. with a wide range of parameter tuning and optimization. CDM algorithms optimize a wide range of resources, e.g., disks, memories and I/O performance as well as parameters, e.g., VPC, security, subnet and database to ensure you have the database you expected on cloud (no surprise).

Additional Databases Support

Cloudly CDM supports several additional source and destination databases through a streamlined and intuitive user interface, strongly complementing Amazon’s DMS supported set of databases. See the table below for detailed, comparative tables between the two services.

Migration Pre-Engineering

Migration pre-engineering undertakes complex analysis, planning and migration strategy design, esp. for multi-backend applications with either uni-directional or bi-directional conversion support. For complex databases that may support multiple applications, Cloudly CDM will take the necessary actions (Automatic or Manual approach) to make database features, e.g., base data types, functions, triggers and procedures compatible between multiple database.

Testing & Validation

Cloudly CDM produces a comprehensive “Validation Report” that provides an overview about database migration status. It provides mapping for different database entities like tables, field names, row counts, etc, between source and destination databases. Based on this report, Cloud team undertakes manual testing and validation of all migrations. Automated validation and manual testing form the key components of customer’s acceptance of a migration project.

Post-Migration Support

Cloudly CDM continues to provide a side-by-side of both source and destination databases incl. data statistics, monitors and alerts allowing any post-migration issue to be caught while the migrated database may be under limited or live operation. Additionally, Cloudly team can perform any additional service enablement or tune up necessary for resources and parameters for DBaaS or self-managed databases.

The following table shows various source and destination databases that are supported by Amazon's DMS and Cloudly's CDM.

Source Database Target Database on AWS RDS DMS (Online) CDM (Offline)
Oracle MySQL, PostgreSQL  ✓  ✓
Oracle Amazon Aurora, MariaDB  ✓
Oracle SQL Server  ✓
Oracle Data Warehouse Amazon Redshift  ✓
Microsoft SQL Server Amazon Aurora, MariaDB  ✓
Microsoft SQL Server MySQL, PostgreSQL  ✓  ✓
Microsoft SQL Server Oracle  ✓
Microsoft SQL Server Amazon Redshift  ✓
MySQL and MariaDB PostgreSQL  ✓  ✓
MySQL and MariaDB Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle  ✓
MySQL and MariaDB Amazon Redshift  ✓
PostgreSQL Amazon Aurora, MariaDB  ✓
PostgreSQL MySQL  ✓  ✓
PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle  ✓
PostgreSQL Amazon Redshift  ✓
Teradata Amazon Redshift  ✓
Netezza Amazon Redshift  ✓
Greenplum Amazon Redshift  ✓
Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL  ✓

Introducing Cloudly Database Migrator

A solid Database Migration strategy to Cloud is a must to maximize productivity and to ensure seamless transition from legacy applications or systems that addresses changing business needs in evolving technology landscape. Cloudly CDM offers a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to re-deploy and manage data across hardware platforms, applications and operating systems over various cloud environments and platforms.

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