Migrate your platform with our experienced team who custom builds Cloud Adaptation Layer (CAL) that can isolate your platform from any underlying infrastructure and allow running on AWS infrastructure from EC2, EBS, S3 to Kinesis and Lamda.

Migrating IT infrastructure to a private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid cloud can bring in umpteen benefits to the organization by saving cost, increasing scalability, helping their IT division become greener, etc. However, a lot of thought, skill and understanding are needed to ensure that the right infrastructure components are provisioned, configured and then provided to the users. With our 360-degree view of the entire cloud landscape, we are in a unique position to help clients make the right choices about which clouds to use and why. Cloudly makes sure that the migration to cloud is a smooth, efficient, low-cost and satisfying experience. Contact Us to leverage theCloudly advantage for your organization’s Infrastructure Migration needs.