A Fortune-500 Financial Services Company

PostgreSQL to Oracle Migration using Cloud Data Migrator

A Fortune-500 Financial Services Company

Customer Profile

Client acquired the Company in order to enhance delivery of personalized shopping offers and rewards to consumers in 2012. After the acquisition, the Company technology platform based on PostgreSQL needed to be migrated into an Oracle backend environment as Client’s default database backend. This technology platform had five different PostgreSQL databases powering a comprehensive offer and reward management capabilities.

Problem Statement

Client wanted to integrate their platform as fast as possible with minimal changes or disruption to its operating environment that consisted of hundreds of databases. There were significant environmental differences between two sides that required using some clever, out-of-box thinking. Client hired Cloudly in order to solve this problem and directed that we consider using AWS RDS Oracle environment for running a PoC of Client application.

Solution Approach

To find best solution approach for migration, Cloudly did an assessment on one postgreSQL databases from Client. Table 01 is represent outcome of initial assessment phase. Based on the complexity of the databases, two major approaches were used for this database migration.

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