Achieve Breakthrough Speed, Resiliency, and Savings

Go beyond tactical solutions to create a proven and lasting strategy for your application migration. Pivotal Labs teaches you how to modernize your most business-critical apps first and rapidly make impactful architectural improvements. We’ll help you start small, and scale fast.

Put Your Apps on the Right Track

We’ll help you develop a sustainable roadmap for your legacy application modernization. Align new delivery methods with your existing apps in a way that results in lasting improvements.

Start small.

We’ll get to work using targeted analysis to determine an ideal set of apps with low technical risk and high business value to start with.

Learn sustainable practices.

As we move those refactored apps into production, you’ll build a cookbook of patterns to streamline and accelerate future migrations.

Break down big apps.

Transition monolithic systems into microservices that can boost feature velocity across your development organization.

Automate everything.

Identify waste in your development workflow and replace manual processes with automation to improve outcomes.