Dhaka, Bangladesh

DevOps Engineer

We learned about DevOps the hard way – The Cloud Way. Our engineers work at the intersection of DevOps, DevSecOps and DevDataOps. There is a wide variety of applications, platforms and infrastructure services; robust CI/CD pipelines; configuration and infrastructure automation; monitoring and logging; security, privacy and policy management that our engineers get their hands on and learn how modern software development, deployment and operations happen in a security and data centric way.

We are looking for 2-3 strong DevOps Engineers to join our team. Depending on your experience level and expertise, you can also take a technical leadership role.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Network Software Engineer

Cloudly has not traditionally worked in networking, telecommunications or connectivity spaces. However, we are presented with exciting opportunities around network software development that will be part of the next generation networking and connectivity technologies, especially focused on Metaverse and Web3. While the industry is still figuring out how these two important trends in the internet industry will evolve, Cloudly team is looking to build a strong practice over the next few years and we are looking to seed the team with one technical leader and two senior engineers with solid experience in networking and/or connectivity technologies.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Cloud Software Engineer

Cloudly is cloud native – Period. We have been working on cloud migration, integration and have developed cloud-native software for over a decade and continue to expand our team. Cloud has now reached a global level of maturity, established its marque use cases across several industries, and now a mainstream computing platform for financial, healthcare, automotive, retail, transportation and telecommunication industries. Cloudly has established itself as a niche cloud specialist with expertise across the big three – AWS, Azure and GCP as well as enterprise cloud – VMware and Salesforce. We specialize in IaaS, PaaS as well as SaaS and cloud-native services and applications.

We are looking for 2-3 strong Cloud Software Engineers to join our team. Depending on your experience level and expertise, you can also take a technical leadership role.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

AI Software Engineer

Off late, generative AI and application of various AI/ML technologies have taken the world by storm. Who doesn’t know about ChatGPT or GPT4 and how fast the large language models or LLMs are finding their ways into everything from generating text, images, videos? AI/ML is fast becoming a mainstream technology in the entire IT industry and the possibilities are endless. At Cloudly, we have been supporting big data and ML based applications for several years; and we are now ready to build a seed team to work on novel and innovative AI applications that is not just another ChatGPT derivative or “me too” tool. We are looking to expand our Cloud and DevOps practices and are already working with a couple of early partners in the AI/ML space.

We are looking for two AI software engineers who can seed the team and start on the first application we have already spec’d out. We expect this team to grow to several more engineers over the next few months.

We are looking for an experienced and versatile partnerships and business development guru, who is hungry and curious to expand his / her horizon into uncharted and exciting new territories. This role will start off by forming deep relationships with our existing global partners and building the GTM strategies for both our products and services. The person will work with a small team of strong marketing and sales professionals at Cloudly and coordinate with the Sales Engineering team, as needed. Our ideal candidate will have experience developing long-term, value-based business partnerships with large corporations and leading co-sales and co-marketing activities. He/she will be comfortable with day-to-day partner activities with a small set of local and global partners ensuring that they all succeed from mutual and win-win deals through the entire marketing funnel and deal pipelines with long-term outlook. Buck will stop with you for all partner-based sales and marketing at Cloudly.

We recommend starting with one strong practice



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