BAGDOOM- Large e-Commerce Site in Bangladesh

Case Study: Bagdoom

BAGDOOM- Large e-Commerce Site in Bangladesh

About Bagdoom

Bagdoom is a one of the first largest e-commerce site and a shop online for brands in Bangladesh. Bagdoom not only just sells lifestyle products, it is in the market to become a lifestyle. Their target is to create online market and increase sales of the merchants and create wonderful buying experience for the customers.

Be it simple, casual or luxurious; trendy, unique or traditional, Bagdoom presents every dimension to serve its customers. Daily lives, occasions, needs and necessities, celebrations, desires and wish lists, Bagdoom checks it all off. They believe life is not made up of days but each day is a realm of life, where every second is a different color and every color represents Bagdoom.

Their prime focus is the youth, referred colloquially as the “Bagdoom generation” and are in the market to be a part of their lives, not just by selling the brands which rest under customers’ hood but also by writing a part of the customer’s daily life stories.

The re branded face of, the first e-commerce platform to enter the Bangladesh market back in 2010 took form of Bagdoom, with promises of the grandest of online shopping experiences across the country.