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Software Modernization is in Cloudly’s DNA

Our philosophy is rooted in migrating legacy applications to cloud that helped our software developers to deeply understand how to modernize aging and bit rotted software, with no impact to core business -


Legacy Software Analysis and Documentation

Conducting a thorough analysis of legacy software products, including reverse engineering and code documentation, to gain a comprehensive understanding of their structure, dependencies, and functionalities. This analysis forms the basis for the modernization process.


Application Refactoring and Modernization

Refactoring and modernizing legacy applications by leveraging modern frameworks and technologies. This involves restructuring the codebase, optimizing performance, and improving scalability and maintainability to align with current industry standards.


Decomposing Monolithic Code and Resolving Dependencies

Breaking down monolithic code into modular components and addressing unmaintained dependencies. This enables better code organization, enhanced flexibility, and easier integration with modern tools and technologies.


Comprehensive Test Coverage and Modernization

Performing a detailed analysis of existing test coverage and identifying gaps. Modernizing test suites to include unit, integration, system, stress, and performance testing ensures thorough verification of the modernized application and reduces the risk of potential issues.


End-to-End Automation, CI/CD, and DevOps Integration

Implementing end-to-end automation, continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), and DevOps practices to streamline the software development and deployment processes. This ensures faster releases, improved collaboration, and more efficient delivery of modernized applications.

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